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Ruler of hell’s first layer, Hellazar, Bazzoth knows every soul and every demon roaming his territory. Although not exactly in good spirits with the demon lord trapped in his domain by powers greater than his own, Arzan is Bazzoth’s prisoner and he’s not about to let anyone invade his territory to go after him.


Models come unpainted. Bases are provided. Larger models may require some assembly (smaller models come in one solid piece). Scale is 32mm, compatible with most Tabletop Wargames & RPGs.



*Basic Gray

Bazzoth, General of Hellazar

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    *Choking hazard with small parts so keep away from children and small pets

    There may be imperfections. To remove them, you can fill, sand, and prime.
    There may be some "assembly" required.
    We operate by using a queue system when an item is ordered and have very few in stock.

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